Our High Net Worth clients understand that successful wealth management requires the collaborative expertise of a select group of professionals that often includes investment specialists, lawyers and bankers. At the top of that list  should be an accounting firm with experience serving High Net Worth Individuals. The HNWI division at Unger & Associates, led by Dave Marsh, C.P.A., will work closely with not only you, but also with your designated advisers, to ensure that you maximize every dollar earned, invested, spent and saved.

Our HNWI Consulting services include:

• Tax Planning for Wealth
• Financial Planning
• Estate & Trust Planning
• Gift Planning
• Cash Management (including designing budgets and cash flow projects)
• Philanthropic Giving (setting goals, budgets, transfers and tax benefits)
• Life Insurance (needs, planning and procurement)
• Asset Acquisition
• Coordination with Advisers
• Connection to Our Network of Trusted, Proven Experts

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